Blackjack can be defined as one of the classic casino games that most people enjoy playing. It simply works in a simple way, where you take up a dealer, and all you will want to do is try and collects a hand with a value which is as close as 22 as much as you can. The game comes with some rules and can be played on a variety of decks. The most common one being that which is referred to a 6 or 8 deck game. We also have single and double deck blackjack games, but you are not sure to find them in all casinos. Below I will highlight the simplest procedure on how to play blackjack. Here is the basic overview.



Buy In

Before you can engage in any play at the table, you will need to purchase chips because no casino allows cash plays anymore. This will necessitate you to give cash to the casino operator in an exchange with the chips. To do this, you will walk to the table and place your money on the felt for exchange. Do not hand the money directly to the dealer because they won’t take it as a precautionary requirement. After all the verification process has been concluded, you will be handed your chips which are equal to what you paid giving you the green light to place your wager.


Place a Wager

When the round starts, you will be required to place a bet on the betting circle. There is always a sign either on the far right or the far left that will clearly show you the betting limits in that particular table. Here the amount that is placed on betting will depend on the type of casino that you are playing in, plus the regulatory framework within that area.



This happens after you have placed your bet. They usually deal clockwise, such that one card of everyone who is playing at the table faces downwards, while hers faces upwards. The dealer usually has one card, while those engaging in the game have two cards.


Hands Play

The dealer usually starts with the person who is in the far left. This is usually referred to as the base. Playing your hand requires you to add the values of the cards that you have together, which will give you a total of between 4-21. If your sum is a ten value and you have an ace with you, this means that you have got a blackjack.


Dealer Play

If it so happened that after all the above strategies have been employed, and you were not busted, or you did not surrender then now it is the time for the dealer to play their hand. Here they will be required to flip the hole card and make a summation of there totals. If they have a summation of more than 17, they stand if it is below that, they are required to take some additional hit cards.




When you are both done playing your hands, there are two possible outcomes: it is either that the dealer will bust, or they will make a hand. If you have a higher hand, then the dealer pays one time your wager. But if …